The work of Sentimento Inatteso begins with the collection and study of wooden material, which is worked and imprinted on paper with Japanese hand printing techniques.
The NODI project thus takes shape.
NODI are years of life and experience of the tree, they are photographs, they are light and shadow, and between light and shadow dwells their beauty.
Some of these engravings are reproduced and enlarged on cotton using the silkscreen printing technique.
The silkscreen prints are not only an enlarged version of the originals, but take on new form and new life in the encounter with the asymmetrical clothes of Silent Trees.

Silent Trees is able to break down and give shape to the asymmetry, creating unexpected volumes and cuts. From the play of volumes, cuts, asymmetries and decompositions, clothes with a unique and timeless style are born.
From this encounter a unique and special collection is born, which in black and white has its essence.
White is order, rigour, light, essence, purity.
Black is the negation of color, it is deep, mysterious, elegant, sophisticated and meets with white in the concept of rigor.
The white of the day that turns into night, into feminine and masculine.
Two opposite and complementary poles, one cannot exist without the other.

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