sentimento inatteso

about my work

Hand printing is a process that involves the sense of touch, smell and hearing.
Printing by hand means impressing strength, pressure, working with the dynamics of the gesture by tracing lines, circles and spirals.
Press the baren on the sheet to highlight the ribs, lighten to empty and suspend light and shadow.
There is the ink roller sound that picking up the color and inking the matrix, there is the baren and my wooden hand-press sounds that pressing on the sheet.
Characteristic and distinctive sounds that accompany me in the printing process, combined with the ink’s smell that fills the lab and settles on the clothes.
Hand printing teaches us to observe and accept mistakes because they are promoters of ideas and solutions.
Hand printing requires patience, attention and time.
Time is needed to process thoughts, to shape intuitions, to refine and develop the technique.
Time reveals and gives experience.
My printing process is a cross between relief printing and monoprinting.

Hand printing creates unique prints

does not allow repetition

gives surprises and hide

unexpected feelings.

Gianmaria Aprile, 2018