screen printing

Nel 2014 ho iniziato a raccogliere materiale ligneo, a studiarlo e a lavorarlo, sperimentando la stampa a mano e utilizzando diversi tipi di inchiostri e di carta.
Dopo circa 80 matrici realizzate, ho pensato di stampare tramite la tecnica delle serigrafie e in formato 100x70cm alcune delle mie incisioni.

guarda nel blog le serigrafie nel dettaglio: nodi//screen printing

NODI have captured light and images over time
NODI are pictures engraved in wood and apparently static
NODI reflect light and shadow, and between light and shadow dwells their beauty
NODI are developed and hand-printed in a small laboratory
NODI are an unexpected feeling of love

In 2014 I started collecting wooden material, studying it and working on it, experimenting with hand printing and using different types of inks and paper.
After about 80 matrices, I decided to print some of my engravings using the screen printing technique in 100x70cm format.